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Unlike traditional technical analysis and trading indicators, The Moonindex does not try to predict the future. Stop wasting time guessing when tops and bottoms are going to occur when all you really need to know, is if they are happening right now.


The Moonindex takes a variety of factors as input and applies quantitative tools to calculate a risk level between 0-100. The underlying algorithm is self-learning and improves itself daily as new data becomes available.

The algorithm is built using data-analysis, statistics, and automation.



The Moonindex takes uncertainty out of investing.  You will avoid classic mistakes like buying the hype, and selling the fear. With The Moonindex, you decide to trust the data instead of the predictions of “experts” and influencers.

As a member you get access to a live Risk-Meter, as well as all historical risk levels.


As part of our membership, you get access to pre-made strategies. These strategies are easy to follow and tailored to the amount of risk you are comfortable taking on. You can just as easily create your own unique strategy suited to your investment goals. 

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