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The Moonindex takes a variety of factors as input and applies quantitative tools to calculate a risk level between 0-100. The underlying algorithm is self-learning and improves itself daily as new data becomes available.

The algorithm is built around data-analysis, statistical modelling, and automation. Extensive testing has also taken place to ensure the metric delivers as intended, even in times of high volatility. You can read more about The Moonindex here

in short – You buy when risk is low, and sell when the risk is high. We remind you that The Moonindex is a tool used to invest medium to long term, not a day-trading indicator. We suggest checking out the Strategies section to learn how you can maximize your profits and become a better investor.

The Moonindex is a unique multifactorial and self-adjusting metric. Multifactorial meaning it takes several market factors and data into account. Self-adjusting means it updates and improves itself daily as new data becomes available. Ever since The Moonindex was deployed, it’s been living its own life, improving its accuracy and confidence-level. The algorithm applies data analysis, statistical modelling, automation, and other techniques to all the different factors to compute a risk level. 

Naturally, the exact ingredients of The Moonindex will remain our very own secret recipe, which until now has been reserved only for ourselves.

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